The April Issue

Ad Close: March 3  |  Materials Due: March 9

Distribution Management
Central Rural Electric Cooperative constructs the infrastructure for a business park containing their systems operation center and a micro-grid to ensure system reliability.

Energy Efficiency
The principle goal of the Smarter Network Storage project is to install large-scale EES and optimize its use for a variety of system benefits to maximize its value. The project has installed one of the largest batteries in Europe at Bedfordshire, England to defer the need to invest in new network infrastructure by reducing peak demand.

Transmission Lines
South Carolina Electric & Gas undertakes their largest underground high voltage transmission project to date. This is a 115 kV high pressure gas cable with a section across a tidal marsh.

Distribution Design
Niederstetten is a small town in Germany that has one of the highest ratios of installed PV power per capita in Germany and it is a showcase for intelligent grid automation technology.

Equipment Testing
Using sophisticated power electronics and communication systems to improve power system efficiency, flexibility and reliability is increasing interharmonic distortion and adding equipment sensitive to that distortion to the system.