The July Issue

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Facility Rebuild
It was time to rebuild a portion of the 115 kilovolt radial Bremo-Cartersville transmission line in Cumberland County, Virginia. Dominion Energy decided to use a 230/115kV mobile substation to feed the Bremo-Cartersville load using a parallel 230kV transmission line at the adjacent Cartersville Substation.

Equipment Maintenance
City of Statesville manages 10 substations and, like many utilities, used to keep inspection records on paper. There had to be a better way to help track assets, automate workflow and simplify the inspection process.

Line Build
By combining cutting-edge technologies with able project management systems, major projects in India have been completed ahead of schedule. This performance is very encouraging in a country where the shortfall in transmission system capacity is restricting load growth.

Power Control
Snohomish County Public Utility District has brought online its second energy storage system at a utility substation. The battery storage systems aim to transform the marketplace and how utilities manage grid operations.

Grid Security
Westar Energy took the initiative to enhance grid security through an innovative approach:  a flexible, multi-tap, high-voltage transformer that could be optimally located, easily transported, and rapidly deployed to any key substation. This is the “Swiss Army knife” of high-voltage transformers.