The October Issue

Ad Close: September 5  |  Materials Due: September 11

Customer Care
American Electric Power (AEP) has embarked on an important journey to build stronger partnerships with customers and help lead the industry in creating a secure, reliable and cleaner energy future.  One such benefit is the opportunity to use customer-sited resources at the edge of the grid to improve system optimization by up to 20 percent while delivering on the promise of a two-way, interactive grid.

Underground Facilities
Mountain View Electric Association in Colorado realized it needed a pro-active approach to ensuring reliability. After an introduced at a technology show, MVEA chose to pursue electrical cable rejuvenation.

System Diagnostics
It is conceivable, and likely that in the future, that System Loss Analysis (SLA) could play a key role in DER valuation and siting, as well as in the creation of better models for retail locational pricing. With this in mind, Ameren Illinois has decided to propose an innovative, more efficient, and more accurate way to do SLA.

Equipment Installation
A problem that utilities encounter is the need to add fire protection with oil containment to meet current standards when upsizing transformers and other equipment in confined open-air substations that were not originally sized for such large-scale improvements. SRP was faced with this challenge at Papago Buttes Receiving Station, which was originally built in 1964 with a small footprint.

Protection & Control
The object of the German large scale demonstration project is to address the development, implementation and field testing of remote controlled switchgears and a grid control system at the MV level. This system is based on the interaction between monitoring modules installed in secondary substations and a small control center located in the primary substation.

Conductor Connector
CPFL Energia SA in Brazil and Emera Maine in the USA participate in field trials testing a new connector for use on medium voltage overhead spacer cable systems.