The March Issue

Ad Close: February 2  |  Materials Due: February 8

Micro Grids
In the last several years Duke Energy deployed two microgrid pilot projects with the objective to understand and tackle the engineering issues and distributed intelligence platform associated with microgrids. This is about the lessons learned from these projects.

Line Rating
The development of large renewable energy sources has created the need for important changes in the management of transmission grids and distribution networks. Dynamic line rating is one solution available to increase network efficiency. This is about a Belgium transmission system operator experience.

Drone Use
Vegetation related outages once accounted for at least 30% of annual outages at Mid‐South Synergy Electric Cooperative. After much work on this issue, the final piece of solving this problem was use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones flying at low altitude to capture very high resolution images to provide data on tree-to-line distances.

Glendale Water & Power Grandview substation was built in 1930 and used air insulation. But, it did not have the capacity for the expected load growth. To resolve these issues, a new substation with higher capacity, compatible operating voltages and gas insulated switchgear was built.

Asset Management
Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) is the state-owned utility that serves 52 million customers in Indonesia. In response to the challenges of maintaining and expanding the distribution network, PLN has initiating a pilot project on the implementation of Distribution Enterprise Asset Management (DREAM). This asset management discipline aims to optimize the three conflicting drivers: performance, cost and risk throughout the life cycle of a distribution asset.