The February Issue

Ad Close: January 4  |  Materials Due: January 10

Emerging Grid
Embracing a corporate culture to implement innovation fast has positioned Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) as a collaborative utility whereby team members from customer service, billing, engineering, meter operations, and field workforce embrace technology. By adopting the structure of Agile methodologies, new and exciting relationships have formed at BELD. This has allowed realization of a connected grid vision and the value is passed onto customers.

Network Protection
In the UK the increase in embedded generation has the twin objectives of economic growth and moving towards a low carbon economy. However, this can contribute to the network fault level which can restrict, postpone or increase the cost of such developments. Thus, a project focused on fault current limiting technology.

System Hardening
In 2011 a series of storms passed through National Grid’s western Massachusetts service area. All three storms resulted in extended outages on a 69kV transmission line in East Longmeadow. National Grid resolved to find a way to storm harden this transmission line.

Power Transfer
Delivering power from the northern Brazil Madeira River Project hydro power area to users in the south was a quite complex and challenging process. Among the difficulties were required intermediate operational stages which were unforeseen by the planning authorities, requiring changes to the back-to-back and HVDC control systems.

Delivery Change
Power systems around the world are undergoing unprecedented transformation. In the US, this evolution has been clustered and described under terms such as smart grid, grid of the future and others. Building this grid, whatever its name, is a monumental task that has led to the emergence of new concepts, technologies, and paradigms.