The December Issue

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Overhead Facilities
ITC Holdings is systematically modernizing its electric infrastructure. The Marshall-Blackstone transmission line rebuild in southern Michigan is an illustration of the type of proactive, power line modernization that is required for system upgrades.

Public Engagement
Dominion Power has conducted both quantitative and qualitative research to determine how to better reach and engage customers with regard to electric transmission projects. The result is increased public input meetings and expanded open house events.

Test Monitor
Regulations in the Brazilian electricity sector prevent utilities from de-energizing equipment to perform electrical tests. Utilities are seeking predictive monitoring techniques. Dissolved gas analysis is one such method that is seeing more use.

System Hardening
Grant County Public Utility District was facing a 5-year backlog of needed substation upgrades, including two brand new substations, expansion of two existing substations and ground-up rebuilds of three more — all within a very tight 24-month time frame.

Power Flow
Guam Power Authority grid modernization project involved a territory-wide deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and integration of the AMI with an outage management system.

System Control
Glendale Water & Power decided to install a pilot battery energy storage system to evaluate how this nascent technology can be utilized to meet any fluctuations in the system load and demand.