Promote Your Event With Conference Content Marketing says that you will get 650% higher engagement on social media when your post includes an image rather than just text.

Whether it’s before, during or after your event, social media is a great tool to use to promote your conference and engage attendees. And one of the most effective ways to grab your followers’ attention is with your existing conference materials. These research findings, conference schedules, presentations, speaker announcements, etc. provide the perfect preview of what your event offers.

But when it comes to sharing your content, not all social media sites are created equal.

Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn each excel at promoting your event in different ways. So, before you implement your conference content marketing plan, it’s important to know which sites are best suited for each type of content. created an infographic to see which social media networks are the best match for each type of conference-specific content. Check out this inforgraphic and learn how to increase your attendance at your next event!

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