Why customers should be our heros

Emotional connections can drive qualified leads.

Despite all the time, money, resources spent on improving sales productivity, just 13% of sales people produce 87% of revenue in a typical organization according to the Sales Benchmark Index.

So, what do the 13% high achievers have that others don’t? They connect emotionally with their buyers.

In a recent B2B Lead Blog interview with Sales Thought Leader, Mike Bosworth, he explains how fostering that emotional connection can transform your sales and marketing approach.  Shifting your mindset from ‘selling’ to ‘facilitating the buying journey of our customers’ creates new opportunities for sales and marketing teams.

  • Begin by defining a qualified lead that marketing that sales and marketing agree upon.
  • Target your buyer personas and define the psychological buying process they would go through.
  • Facilitate that buying journey, architect that customer’s experience.

He suggests focusing on how your customers would go through a natural buying process and then facilitate that journey by crafting a story that features your customer as the hero, not the product.  By crafting a story that features buyers as the heroes, we allow people with problems to visualize seeing themselves solve a problem if they just had somebody’s help or technology or capability.  That visualization starts to bridge the trust gap as they identify with how they are likely feeling and creates a more qualified lead for your sales team.

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